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Re: Why hate replicator????

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As for the whole "Replicators make crappy food" debate, I wouldn't be surprised if it was all psychological. Or maybe there is something to the replication process, like how transporters can run at different resolutions. Replicated food might be created with less precision than is necessary by transporters because it's not necessary to use that much energy to get the same nutrition from artificial food. My guess is, the engineers of replicators considered power consumption a higher priority than exacting taste. They also probably burned their taste buds on too many cups of bad coffee.
I'm pretty sure replicators run at far lower resolution than transporters (quantum vs. sub-quantum). Also, it's been shown in the past just HOW much memory the transporter buffer takes up, even relative to the vast amounts available on Fed ships - and the transporter buffer is very, very volatile memory to handle the transfer speed, and begins to degrade very quickly most of the time when data is held beyond its' expected life. There's no way they could afford to keep that much memory for the replicators - on top of the lower-resolution, there'd probably need to be a high degree of compression too. And like a moderately-well-done JPEG, it would pass muster for most people, but those who know and care what to "look" for will find the compromises.
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