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Re: The Dark Knight Megathread (USE THIS! Love, the mods)

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Anyone know if there are any "midrange" Dark Knight figures? I've seen some low end ones that are obviously primary designed for kids, and some high end ones for $100-180 (which is a little out of my price range). Anyone know if there is anything inbetween? Something like NECA quality and price?

There is the Dark Knight Movie Masters line which is a step up from the Kid's line, but then again nowhere near the quality of the more expensive stuff from Hot Toys (which are quite frankly some of if not the best Batman collectibles ever made.) But good luck finding them at all. They've been absent from the pegs ever since they landed (a combination of recalls and the hype over Ledger's death)

Unfortunately, Mattel holds almost exclusive rights to all DC properties in the US. (Hot Toys is an Asian company, which is why they can make their Dark Knight figures, but at $150-$200 a pop, they not very affordable) Matell has never really been a collector friendly company (though the DC Universe line is quite good.) The Dark Knight line from them is almost exclusively aimed a kids. The Movie Masters are your best shot for decent Dark Knight figures, but they're not even near the quality of the DC Universe of Marvel Legends lines (if you're familiar with either of those)
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