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Re: The Force Unleashed demo impressions

I was ready to not like this, mainly because I think I'm getting tired of the Star Wars universe, but despite myself I started having quite a bit of fun.

I really didn't like the large open landing bay battle near the start of the demo, far too many storm troopers all around you taking pot shots, was like flies buzzing all over the place.

It got a lot better after that, and I started having fun with the force powers. I rather enjoyed bending the metal support struts in the TIE fighter hangar bay into the way oncoming aircraft, delightfully evil. What sealed the deal though was the trailer at the end of the demo, looked positively epic.

Frankly I don't mind QTE's at all when they're done well, the God of War series has generally done them exceptionally well, and in some games, such as Indigo Prophecy/Fahrenheit, they fit the mechanics.

It's a God of War clone for sure, but it looks be pretty cool.

Jim Steele wrote: View Post
It's a pretty standard motion capture technique, but the results were particularly well done here.
Facial motion capture still isn't standard in the gaming industry, it's very time consuming and only a few games actually use it, notably Heavenly Sword, Uncharted and Heavy Rain. While The Force Unleashed generally looks pretty damn nice, I think the results of their facial capture are kind of dopey looking next to those mentioned above. I think it's admirable that they tried though.

EDIT: Should add Uncharted didn't use facial capture in the strictest sense.

PS. It was so weird hearing someone who wasn't James Earl Jones do Vader's voice, totally pulled me out it.
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