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Re: Modified TOS Ent - Wallpapers

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Aren't those fanatastic? [SNIP] I got the 8x10 version... the pressure-and-angle-sensitive one as well. I only have the basic "art pen" and the mouse (both of which came with it) but I've been thinking that the "airbrush" might be useful... it works a lot differently than the pen and it's hard to get the "airbrush" functionality to work well with a pen, I've found, in Corel.

But once you've used a "pen" instead of a mouse to try to draw... you can never go back!
Yeah, Iím really enjoying it, though the disconnect between where your hand is and where your eyes are takes a little getting used to. I was pretty happy with my entry in the Trek Art Comic Project, though, which was done entirely on the Wacom tablet just days after I bought it, so I guess I got used to it pretty fast. Eventually, Iíd like to step up to a Cintiq or another tablet with the integral display, but I donít have an extra couple of grand laying around at the moment.
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