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Re: Underappreciated Tracks on Classic Albums

I'm not sure whether this song really gets the shaft or not when people talk about Queen's "A Night at the Opera", but "The Prophet's Song" was the first thing I had to think about when I saw the thread. It's an amazing piece IMHO which can take a while to get used to but which is terrific once you're into it. I've never seen it mentioned specifically.

I also had to think of another piece of Queen music although the album itself isn't that highly regarded, I guess. The very last track, "It's a Beautiful Day - Reprise", segues into IMHO a fascinating, very unusual and very beautiful piece of instrumental music (about a quarter of an hour long, if I'm not mistaken). It's a hidden track which completely took me by surprise, and I've never really seen it mentioned in reviews or other places.
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