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Whatever Happened to Kolos?

I was watching Judgement tonight and had to ask.

Have we seen or heard anything of this character since the Season 2 of Enterprise?

I haven't read any of the Enterprise Books yet, though I've bought all the ones set post-series released thus far.

He always seemed like one of those characters that would have a connnection somewhere down the line. His portrayal reminded me a lot of the "real" Klingons I've come to love and makes me anxious for the next IKS Gorkon Book.

You know, I never really was a fan of the Klingons (from their portrayal in the Movies and on TNG, save for Worf) until Martok showed up on DS9. Then I got into the books and realized that we'd predominately only seen one tiny facet of their culture from a fairly one-sided point of view, and a rather large amount of it at that.

Novels like The Left Hand of Destiny & A Burning House really expanded upon the scope of the Klingons as both as a culture and as apeople, and I've loved every minute of it and look forward to more.

Just hoping maybe this character was represented somewhere along the way as well.
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