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Re: Captain America (SPOILERS through #41)

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During the last election during his speeches, the audience and reporters all had to sign loyalty oaths to Bush and whoever was speaking otherwise they were turned away at the gate or not even allowed to purchase tickets or request free tickets.

I'm insanely younger than you then, but Oliver Stone does right by me.

Listening to Jessica Jones-Cage arguments about how she didn't want to be forced to wage war against all the little Muslim oil countries who argue with American foreign policy when she should be breast feeding was chilling. The 50 state initiative is about making an army who has no one to fight. When the House Committee of UnAmerican activities (Lead by you know who!) in the 50s told the Justice Society to unmask or Bugger off, well that seemed fine, it's not like everyone didn't accept that they were ignoring the laws against Vigilantism, it was a fair cop.
If by you-know-who you mean McCarthy, he was in the Senate, not the House. Unless you mean Nixon, though I don't think he ever led HUAC.
Ah... You're talking about the real world. I've done some googling... Some comic book author was as bad at history as me, and they had McCarthy working along side Huac as a double threat to dispose of the JSA. Of course their dismissal has been rendered a couple times by different people and maybe some of them got it right within the borders of real world continuity.

Did you read the issue of ???? (Civil War #1?) where the armed soldiers told Steve that he was a Capebuster or he was going to be marched into detention? Other writers have soft shoed bad memories of those events, but it's no worse than when the seedy elements of the Reagan administration tired to make Cap pay back taxes on his back wages from being in the army while he was sleeping in near the north pole as soon as they were sure he'd spent all the million dollar hand out they gave him.
You are correct. I'd forgotten that bit of JSA mis-history. Actually, you bring up a good point from that earlier Cap storyline. I can accept that some people in government are borderline authoritarian, but the US government seems replete with the Skull's followers. And they have never explained to my satisfaction how he became Secretary Of Defense. Cabinet officers are vetted--if not shredded--during the nomination process. A guy from nowhere just can't get in there. He'd have an easier time getting in as VP.

In Cap 350, at the conclusion of the Cap No More storyline, the Skull bragged that he would always have infinite schemes running. But all the setbacks he's encountered have to have taxed that somewhat. When he meets defeat, I hope Brubaker at least makes it a real defeat, not a chuckle followed by the Skull conquers the Balkans two issues later.
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