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Re: Captain America (SPOILERS through #41)

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I've enjoyed Brubaker's run on Cap, but after having read some of his other stuff, it strikes me that Bru doesn't really have any interest in Captain America. Instead of figuring out Cap and writing him, he killed Cap off and figured out how to turn the book into his kind of tortured-soul-tries-to-make-amends book.

Even when Cap was alive, he wasn't terribly central in the book... and then he got killed off. As far as I can see, if Steve ever comes back, Bru will want to keep writing Bucky, and he'll give away the Cap title.

It's not really a complaint, but it's too bad Marvel had to kill Steve Rogers to make him interesting.
I don't agree there; the Steve portion of the run up until #25 I thought was excellent (made me a huge fan of the character). In those issues, Bucky is basically a plot device to trigger an emotional reaction in Captain America; the story is very much about Steve.
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