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Re: Visual Proof a Resdesign is a good thing

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There would be no gravity in the shafts AT ALL. Why would you even put gravity generators in there?

There's no point. It only endangers people.

And STV the whole scene with the turbo lift shaft is just humorous fluff.
Obviously you missed these parts

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in certain emergency situations,
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the gravity may have been turned on simply as part of whatever maintenance was being performed at the time.
Human beings work much more efficiently in gravity and air than out. We're just used to things being that way. It makes perfect sense to have gravity available in a turboshaft. That way you can have it when you want it and have it off when you don't.

If the gravity system is part of the inertial damping system it also makes perfect sense for all gravity generators to revert to a default on/1g setting if they're cut off from whatever normally controls them. If the gravity system is not independent of inertial damping, anyone caught working in a shaft when the ship moved would be a smear on the wall. If it is independent than it may not be necessary.
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