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Re: Captain America (SPOILERS through #41)

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Next month's issue is the final part of this epic "Death of Captain America" storyline. Wrapping this all up in one issue is going to be hard.
end of the arc, but not the end of Brubaker's run (at least, I haven't heard that he's finishing his run!!). he won't wrap everything up, just have the last of the big events and the fallout in the next arc.

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I think that Marvel is doing a little better with their run of Secret Invasion than DC is doing with Final Crisis. I've tried, tried, and tried to read the events leading up to Final Crisis but my God! Is it muddled or what? Countdown to 52, 52...ugh! It's so utterly confusing. Secret Invasion does a good job of presenting a story without getting too muddled in the lore of the past. Final Crisis can't.
Countdown was actually declared non-canon shortly before Final Crisis began!

I want to see Steve Rogers back eventually, but the story had better be damn good.
romulan meatloaf again?!
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