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Re: Borg or Dominion??

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There is 0 indication the Dominion is larger and more powerful than the Federation.
Sure it's ahead of the Feds in some departments, but technologically and how much space they occupy ... they seem to be rather same.

Also the Dominion war was poorly handled in my opinion on-screen.
Unrealistic for Star Trek itself and incredibly dumb-ed down.

So I will repeat it again, if SF had huge problems with the Borg and has to send a fleet to take care of 1 ship, the Dominion would fare the same.
Plus, the Borg can easily stop ramming through extremely powerful (shield draining) tractor beams, and taking into consideration just how massive a single cube is (not to mention the density of it's armor and adaptation capabilities) ... the Dominion would have a tough time just like the Feds did.
Also, numerous Borg ships could activate energy shields around their vessels.
The phased polaron beams would have little effect since the Borg would learn how to adapt (just as the Feds did ... and the Defiant's shields ... which were part of anti-borg systems were capable of stopping Dominions weapons from penetrating them before the crew brought a damaged Jem'Hadar bug to SF for analisys).
The Dominion seems to have a superior military machine then the Federation with its vast armies of clones and speedy ship construction. The fact that if the Dominion could reinforce its alpha quadrant foothold that all the sides considered that the war would be lost for the Federation and Klingons points to an empire in size and power that is greater then both the UFP and Klingon Empires combined.

Also as for the Defiant's shields, in Call to Arms Weyoun states that Federation shields were useless to Dominion weaponry, so I don't think the Defiant's shields would have been any different. I can only remember the Defiant under attack by the Jem'Hadar once before the war and that was during the events of The Search two-parter...which I don't remember clearly to say how her shields functioned in that instance.

myselfeneye wrote: View Post
Furthermore...I noticed someone up above said that Vorta and Jem'Hadar are immune to poison AND foreign objects. Someone else countered the part about poison, but I saw no argument for why their immunity to foreign objects is invalid. If you're going to attention!
I think this is directed at me. I said that the we know the Vorta are immune to poison because Weyoun says as much and demonstrates it. Nothing is said of the Jem'Hadar having a similiar ability and it isn't really necessary as they don't consume anything but white.

As for foreign objects, that seems to be a speculative extension to the poisons fact about the Vorta that is also added to the Jem'Hadar. Just because you can safely break down a poison doesn't mean that your system can handle tiny nanoprobes injected into your bloodstream.
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