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Re: Captain America (SPOILERS through #41)

Um. Steve is already back in the page of Invaders vs. Avengers.

I felt the miscarriage was choking the donkey. Why all the set up if there's just some rug pulling at the last moment.

The Skull is probably going to Freejack Hitler's brain again.

I mean sure, he trapped Hitler's consciousness in an empty Cosmic Cube back in the 70s once he started to realize how much he had outgrown Hitler as a bastard, that it just wasn't so cool to bow and scrape to someone that small minded... But maybe the Skull can just assure himself that even though Old Hitler was a let down, he just needed to find a young Hitler more closer to the root of his pure evilness to get his jollies pumping.

I can't believe how many times I just typed "Hitler" in that one paragraph.
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