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Re: Grade NBC's coverage of the Beijing Olympics

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I always assumed this is the way it worked in every country. Why wouldn't it? Isn't this normal?

I have no idea, but I find this complaint odd. Isn't this what should be expected?
It varies from country to country, and the amount of focus on the country's athletes varies. One year we were in France and watched the Olympics, and they just showed the events - all different events - no matter whether there was a French athlete competing or not.

Obviously, the Olympic coverage in the smaller countries could not focus solely on that country's athletes, or they would only be able to show one or two events (and about an hour of coverage) for the whole two weeks.

Here in Australia, they do focus on the events that feature Australian athletes, but at least they do not do all those 'up close and personal' reports. Those used to drive me nuts when I lived in the USA.

In Australia, we are also fortunate to have a second channel - SBS - that simply shows all different events and athletes, with no focus at all on Australian athletes. In fact, I think they seem to get all the sports that don't have Australian athletes in it.

Can't complain.
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