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Captain America (SPOILERS through #41)

Well, the best comic storyline published today appears to be nearing a conclusion.

I'm still trying to figure out what the Skull's (I nearly typed "Skrulls" there) plan is. The clues I can think of are:

- He seems very interested in keeping the Grand Director alive and under his control.

- Sharon Carter's miscarriage seems to have put a large crimp in his plans.

- He is trying to get his mind controlled puppet Senator Wright elected President, going so far as to use his control over Kronas to damage the American economy and to fake an assassination attempt - a plan Bucky has foiled.

- Zola is building two devices for him. The first, a device to separate him from Aleksander Lukin as their shared conciousness is driving them both mad.

- The second is more interesting. He has acquired some sort of time travel device from Doctor Doom and is having Zola reverse engineer it. Doom specifically designed so it could only be used once.

His plans have been affected by Faustus betraying him, allowing Sharon to escape and removing his mental control over her. His daughter, Sin, also tried to betray him by attempting to kill Senator Wright instead of just wounding him, although she was prevented from doing so by Bucky.

Next month's issue is the final part of this epic "Death of Captain America" storyline. Wrapping this all up in one issue is going to be hard.
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