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Re: Instead of being cancelled why wasn't ENT moved to SciFi?

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Seriously, I've heard enough about this piece of shit to know I won't be happy with it.
These idiots should have picked one or the other: a straight prequel or a straight reboot.
Whatever they decided to do, they shouldn't have done this:
and try to imply to hardcore fans that this is supposed to be the same ship we saw in the original series.
Just pick a prequel or a reboot and stick with it.
As for Nimoy being involved and the storyline involving an "alternate timeline via time travel", that's just an attempt by TIIC to try to placate and blow off the longtime fans at the same time.
Oh man, just calm down and let's see the movie first...
Mattjc let me ask you an honest question. IF this movie is hugely successful and the Star Trek franchise does get a reboot and we all benefit by more movies, series, and merchandise..... What difference does it make?
At this point Trek is pretty much dead, unless someone does something. JJ is trying to do just that. Can't you give him the benefit of the doubt, until we see the movie?
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