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Re: Instead of being cancelled why wasn't ENT moved to SciFi?

several different companies including the inhouse spike and usa put out feelers as well as turner broadcasting.
turner was the most vocal with one vice president ridiculing the decision to kill a show that was long term showing a profit.

but moonves possibly for reasons related to soon to happen spilit of viacom wanted the show dead and for sure didnt want it to go another part of viacom controlled by his rival

the show at the end of the third season for the first time since the start of the second season was on an upswing in the ratings.
zero hour pulled in more people then the previous year expanse did.

really the big thing that hurt enterprise that has since changed is how the ratings are counted for a show with muliple showings.
at different times it was said the weekend broadcasts pulled in a sizable number of people . believable considering how often the during the week broadcast was premempted for some sport thing since the local stations knew they still had the weekend showing of enterprise.

but i dont know if sci fi really wanted but if they had been able to look in the future and seen how the reruns would at times have better ratings then first run bsg episodes.
yeah i suspect they would have loved to have three first run years of the show.
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