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Re: 'Star Trek: The Experience's' Last Days

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I was in Vegas for the convention earlier this month. I heard (a rumor?) from two individuals at a local watering hole that the Hilton already has a plan in place on what's replacing the Experience.

According to them, it's going to be a performance space and themed Experience featuring the career of a high profile Entertainer. Said Entertainer has been signed to a contract to do shows for the next three years in the new space.

The person in question...?

Michael Jackson

Supposedly one of the owners/investors in the Hilton bailed him out when he had mortgage troubles with his Neverland Ranch. This is the payment in return for that help.

Take it FWIW.
Yeah, I read that the Jackson thing was a possibility.

Great....from warp drive to a pervert. Good move, Hilton.
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