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Re: Destiny trilogy - pretty heavy spoilers

That excerpt looks pretty good. If there's one little thing that bothers me (and it is pretty little) it's that line about the Vesta class being the "only Starfleet ships that can even moderately defend themselves against the Borg" and how they're strategically placed to defend core systems. With a few exceptions, I've never felt that Star Trek has done a great job of portraying a believable Star Fleet. I know I'm reading a lot into this little throw-away line, but it almost seems like something you'd hear on Power Rangers, ya know? "Our old giant robots are useless against this new threat, we need brand new ones again".

I mean, are the guns on the Vesta class ships so much more advanced than the ones the rest of the fleet has? If so, Starfleet's falling down on the job because apparently they have hundreds of obsolescent ships and maybe less than a dozen ships (only 7?) that are somehow way far ahead on the tech curve. Again, it's a minor point to be sure, but this illogical technical stuff tends to rip me right out of the story.
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