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Re: Wacky idea about aliens & "dark matter".

Here's more Science Terrio, 2 guys from Lunascan project. Sorry I cannot use edit button. Scott, meteors do not follow the sort of trajectory this object does. Never have.

after the flash it changes direction and accelerates within seconds to a speed of 400 km/sec!

three people, all of whom I have worked with, either in regard to UFOs or lunar research, that are much more qualified. Jack Kasher has worked on UFO images for MUFON and did some work for me while I was State MUFON Director for Indiana. And Mark Carlotto and Lan Fleming are top consultants periodically used by The Lunascan Project when it comes to anomalous images. The video or DVD of STS-48, by Jack Kasher is available from our site at: "materials".

The objects could not have been tiny particles close to the camera lens, since the camera was focused at infinity, as can be seen on the videotape when the camera turns down until the side of the cargo bay is visible. As I mentioned above, the cargo bay was obviously out of focus at first; so any tiny particles near the camera would have been indistinguishable blurs, and would not have been visible.


Two problems with the ice particle interpretation immediately surface. First, a (large) particle one foot wide would subtend an angle of less than 0.001 degrees. This is more than an order of magnitude smaller than the limit of resolution of the human eye--the particle would be a point source of reflected light. It is difficult for me to accept the possibility that it would be visible at that distance. And how could the ice particle have drifted that far from the Shuttle?
The second problem is much more serious. Recall that we know the direction the particle moves after the flash. Thus we only need to trace back along this line to locate the necessary position for the attitude adjustor rocket to accelerate the particle in this direction. From the diagram it is clear that the rocket would have to be located nearly fifteen miles below the Shuttle. This is clearly unacceptable, and is yet another proof that the object was not an ice particle.
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