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Re: Wacky idea about aliens & "dark matter".

Each response was given at a different time, & as well had different material.

As for Oberg, everyone should know this...

KING: All right, no, James, that's a fair question. Did you sign any kind of an agreement with NASA not to reveal certain things?
OBERG: DOD material, yes. This is not, and this is not covered. Nothing about this material is covered-
ECKER: All right, let me- One last question, Jim-
KING: `DOD' means Department of Defense material? OBERG: Department of Defense, that's right.

For further enlightement on this film, I would suggest buying dvd;s where scientists are interviewed & give the speed changes, rate of accelaration etc. A human would turn into a dime in a half second at the speeds that thing went.

The best film is from Fox tv with Don Ecker. I'll try & find it. & you can disbelieve anything if you really try despite scientific anaylsis etc.
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