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Re: Wacky idea about aliens & "dark matter".

Can we get a source that isn't taking the word of some anonymous person on YouTube?

voggmo wrote: View Post
It leaves earths atmostphere, therefore technically it is a spacecraft.

& I have seen this film at conventions,& on FOX tv. It is NASA film no doubt. Not trusting any artists.
Could you please give a definition of spacecraft for us to work from? Because if something leaving Earth's atmosphere is your criterion, a spacial body (meteor, small asteroid, etc.) bouncing off of the Earth's atmosphere inherently meets that requirement, as it would have to enter part of the atmosphere in order to be deflected.

I, however, have not seen this film. Therefore, I need some evidence that it is what you say it is. Could you please provide some evidence other than us taking your word for it that it is in fact a NASA film? The graininess of the YouTube links makes it difficult to tell with any kind of certainty.
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