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Re: Wacky idea about aliens & "dark matter".

Kasher states they are intelligently controlled spacecraft. He's not an artist.

John C. 'Jack' Kasher , Ph.D.
John C. "Jack" Kasher, PhD, is an authority on UFOs and a professor of physics and astronomy at the U of Nebraska at Omaha (UNO). One of his research projects has been to analyze the UFOs appearing on video footage taken by NASA during Discovery Space Shuttle Mission STS-48.

[FONT=Times New Roman][SIZE=3] Dr. Jack Kasher a PHD in physics and many other experts have questioned NASA's forth rightness in explaining the anomalous objects as ice crystals or camera lens smudges. Sam writes: I am a longtime film producer recently working on documentary films, I have had cooperation from various divisions of NASA and I can tell you that this entire subject has not been thrown away by them as being of no importance. Furthermore, I also have D-2 Digital Video clones of the NASA Master tapes of the STS-48 event which I have taken to a high end video studio for analysis. I can report that our initial study reveals that the subject cannot be easily explained away. Physicist Dr. Jack Kasher has written a book on the STS-48 events, which has his scientific analysis and is quite compelling. [/SIZE][/FONT]
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