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Re: Babylon 5... movies?!?

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I agree with everything he's said here, except that I'm one of those who thinks that it always works best with "Sleeping in Light" being the very last thing you watch, period... it's the ultimate "wrap-up" to everything in the series (including the movies, and, I think, the spin-off series).
That's why I've put In The Beginning in between "Objects at Rest" and "Sleeping in Light." It makes sense chronologically and thematically.

I've excluded River of Souls and Legend of the Rangers because they're, well, not very good, and as standalones entirely inconsequential.

Thirdspace and the Lost Tales both begin with a sequence that places them in a certain time, but from the perspective of looking back after having finished the series (and "Sleeping in Light").

"A Call To Arms" and "Crusade" are more of their own thing. If the series ran for a full five years, I might think differently of it, but as it stands I think it really messes up the momentum of the final stretch of episodes with its total lack of resolution.

It might be fun to watch everything totally chronologically at some point, but it doesn't make much sense for first time viewers, or the best thematic sequence. All IMO.
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