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Re: Wacky idea about aliens & "dark matter".

Even Adamski's photos from the 50's have never been successfully debunked. Modern film stuff is even better with Airline pilots as eyewitnesses combined. Cops, military personnell etc have all come forward. The days of swamp gas & flocks of geese that dingos like Phillip Klass forward are over.

Jim Dilettoso is a well known and respected expert in the field, his specialty is photograhic and video analysis. Mr.
Dilettoso had this to say on the matter of Adamski's work, what follows are his own words, written by himself in
response to questions concerning the Adamski photos.
Jim has this to say on the matter, this is a direct quote. FRJ
BH,JD, K et al, Regarding the Adamski photos. There is no 'proof' of a hoax. In fact, there is no photogrametric or
computer analysis of the Adamski case indicating a small object or a HOAX. People say what they say, quoting a
rumour as truth, or convert their opinion to scientific fact.

Issues in image analysis are very precise. Small objects have very different properties from large objects. In
particular, the edges and the light distribution on the surface.

I have examined over 1000 photographs (unknowns) in 25 plus years, including over 50 control objects (models). I
use advanced tools, extract data from the unknown and compare it to data of knowns. If you get a match- it's called
a "known". No match- it's an "unknown" The properties of the Adamski craft do not match those of a small model, an
optical overlay, or a hoax. Technically speaking, there is no indication of a hoax. It is an unknown.
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