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Re: Wacky idea about aliens & "dark matter".

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So you are essentially saying it's impossible for a human to 'think outside certain parameters'.
Yes, of course. I'm not saying what those boundaries are, but we're not infinite beings, so of course there are limitations to what we can imagine and how we can think.

I beg to differ since numerous technological discoveries would never been made if the people behind those discoveries never thought about the world or things/their approach from a vastly different perspective.
But they still thought like human beings. And I know there are savants who percieve the world very differently from most of us and yet for all that they are still limited by their humanity in the ways they can think and imagine.

you cannot generalize and say that EVERY intelligent race would have something in common.
Of course I can. They are all intelligent, i.e. they can all think logically.

why would an alien race create a Dyson sphere for example if they have far more efficient energy sources?
I don't think they would. I think anyone who thought about it seriously would dismiss it as being ridiculously impractical.

Is there any universal constant which states that virtually any intelligent and logical race will conjure up similar ideas?
I believe there is. Do you think that the wheels on other worlds are not round?

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