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Re: Wacky idea about aliens & "dark matter".

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There may never be civilizations "sufficiently advanced" to do certain things, so as far as we both know it does matter.
It's a possibility that there may never be civilizations sufficiently advanced to do certain things ... but since we can only speculate on the matter, we can never be 100% certain as absolute evidence doesn't exist.

I'm afraid that you and I have no choice, since that's what we are.
So you are essentially saying it's impossible for a human to 'think outside certain parameters'.
I beg to differ since numerous technological discoveries would never been made if the people behind those discoveries never thought about the world or things/their approach from a vastly different perspective.
If you cannot try and set aside what has been 'droned' into you from the day you were born, please don't generalize and say that everyone are alike since it's hardly the case.

There must be some things that intelligences capable of creating advanced technology have in common, one of which is the ability to think logically. It should not surprise us to find that diverse groups thinking about a problem logically may sometimes come up with similar solutions or ideas.
In your opinion perhaps and for some alien races such a scenario may possibly apply, but you cannot generalize and say that EVERY intelligent race would have something in common.

If you want to believe that there are civilizations out there willing to destroy entire solar systems in trial-and-error attempts to perfect the Dyson Sphere then feel free. I don't think there are, and I'll continue to feel free to believe so, despite your objections.
I don't ascribe to notions of 'belief' in any context, therefore I cannot do what you propose.
If you think that there might not be civilizations out there that are willing to destroy entire solar systems in trial and error attempts to do ANYTHING ... well it's a possibility ... but not a likely one.
Not every human being subscribes to same notions of 'morality' and 'values' like a lot of humans do.
Who is to say that there isn't a race out there which really doesn't care about anything else besides themselves and wouldn't consider to stop their experiments merely because 1 or 100 solar systems could end up destroyed?
Besides ... as I stated before, why would an alien race create a Dyson sphere for example if they have far more efficient energy sources?
Is there any universal constant which states that virtually any intelligent and logical race will conjure up similar ideas?
It's possible ... yet unlikely.
We are who we choose to be but also have predefined aspects of our personalities we are born with, and make art that defines us.

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