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What's with Crusher though? She's all up on Riker like she wants him! Any other thoughts here?
She does. Well, that's a flippant comment but I know what you mean. She is all over him in this episode - the "how do you feel" scene in his bathroom being just one example. I sometimes think that she's just a director encouraging her actor, then I think of fandom subtext and think there's far more to it than that!
I've noticed before that Crusher's pretty touchy-feely with everyone. While the rest of them mostly interact with their hands rigidly held at their sides, Beverly basically just gropes the hell out of everybody, up to and including Worf.

One of the reasons it's so noticable in Frame of Mind is probably because we don't get to see Crusher and Riker interact often enough. That episode always makes me wish we'd seen more of their friendship. (It also makes me believe - based on no evidence other than that I want it to be true - that at some stage in their seven years on the Enterprise, Beverly and Will totally had the kind of night where a few too many beers ends up in dumb-but-fun friend sex.)

Frame of Mind is a brilliant episode. Even now, when we've seen that kind of episode done on a hundred other shows since, I think it bears up to re-watching. It's Trek at it's best imo, experimental and thoughtful without being trite.
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