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Re: Telepathic Combinations - Vulcan/Betazoid hybrid?

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That doesn't wash, we've seen plenty of tall and slender/slim Romulans. More than we've seen short, portly ones.
Sure...but it seems like we get more variance in body types with Romulans than we do with Vulcans.
That's cultural, as Romulans in positions of power favour excesses of wealth and behavour, gluttony for example. Vulcans on the other hand, do not lust after power and those in positions of power behave as logically as they would at any other time.
The fact that they get TOO big sometimes--yeah. But a generally stocky, shorter build that's kept in good condition IS more to one's advantage in a cooler climate, as opposed to a thin frame that doesn't retain body heat easily.
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