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Re: Wacky idea about aliens & "dark matter".

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Never mind stability or radiation issues, do you have any idea how much material would be required to build a Dyson Sphere around our sun of 1 AU radius and one mile thick?
That doesn't really matter when a sufficiently advanced civilization is in question.
There may never be civilizations "sufficiently advanced" to do certain things, so as far as we both know it does matter.

You can't keep looking at problems from human perspective.
I'm afraid that you and I have no choice, since that's what we are.

If you did that, you might as well attribute human qualities to alien races ... which is quite possibly not applicable because they are ... alien.
There must be some things that intelligences capable of creating advanced technology have in common, one of which is the ability to think logically. It should not surprise us to find that diverse groups thinking about a problem logically may sometimes come up with similar solutions or ideas.

So stop applying human notions to something that by definition is NOT human.
If you want to believe that there are civilizations out there willing to destroy entire solar systems in trial-and-error attempts to perfect the Dyson Sphere then feel free. I don't think there are, and I'll continue to feel free to believe so, despite your objections.

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