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Re: Kevin Smith Hints that Trek-XI is "Phenomenal"

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Only if you buy into that in the first place.

One of my personal favourite Trek films is TMP. One of the ones I personally don't like very much is STIV. And even though I quite like parts of STVI, I find it mostly overated junk. From my perspective some of the odd numbered films are some of the better ones..

I'll give you STV though - that was truely awful, though some people still like it.
Indeed--in my book, only TMP and TWoK are truly good films. The rest vary from "meh" (TSFS, TUC, FC) to "feh" (all that remain, including TVH, which I hated at 16 and hate just as much at 38.

As to the topic at hand, I despise the movies of Kevin Smith but I can't really fault his taste in geek entertaiments. (The poster who pointed out that he praised Daredevil has to take into account that he was in it--that compromises objectivity; what Pegg says about this movie is likewise suspect.) If Smith says it is phenomenal, that means it probably does not suck.
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