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Re: Eureka - "I Do Over" (spoilers)

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Nah... Stark could have cheated on Allison, or yelled at Kevin. Plenty of ways to break up the relationship.
Except both of those actions would be completely out of character for Stark. A noble death is not.
A bit of an aside, but did they ever say explicitly if Stark was Kevin's father? As I recall, they always played it a bit ambiguously, and I'm curious about where the kid actually came from.
I've been wondering the same, particularly during this episode. As far as I recall, it has never been stated that Kevin is Stark's son and that's something I would have expected to be mentioned sometime in the first two years, especially in the season two finale. I'm guessing Allison had Kevin prior to meeting and marrying Stark, perhaps even before she moved to Eureka. Do we know how long she's been at Eureka?
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