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Re: Borg or Dominion??

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It's almost as if people are assuming, "Omg, if the Borg can't assimilate this cowboy, then their durability is tissue paper and their weapons are spitballs!" If Starfleet engineers can come up with ways to combat the Dominion, the Borg certainly can.
Well, the Borg couldn't come up with a way to beat 8472. They had to get help from Starfleet otherwise it looked like 8472 was going to finish off the Borg, so that puts a big doubt on the Borg's ability to adapt without assimilation.
But let's face something about Species 8472: had they gone up against ANY major race in the Trekverse, 8472 would probably come out on top simply because of the amount of firepower they were packing. A grazing shot, like I said before, was enough to send Voyager spinning, one of the most advanced Starfleet ships out there. Species 8472 didn't need assimilation to send Voyager running.

A what if scenario: if Species 8472 invaded the Alpha Quadrant instead of the Delta Quadrant, everyone would probably be screwed. For one thing, no Borg technology to fuse with Starfleet technology to save the day. It's just an issue of firepower and numbers, that's it. I'd say that includes the AQ Dominion force as well.

If you removed the Borg's ability to assimilate and adapt, I'm pretty sure they could still scoop out whole cities from a planet. On the same token, force can override Borg adaptability as well, ie a crashing ship or massive flying debris. Sheer force =/= assimilation, which works both for and against the Borg.

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7. In the Dominion War for the most part it didn't even seem like anyone was using shields. We saw multiple instances of ships taking one or two hits and blowing up straight away.
Skin-tight shields like the Defiant's are a possibility, for both sides of the war. We've seen that bubble shield configurations don't work for the Federation in regards to Dominion firepower, and yet when the Defiant's in battle during the war itself, even with the appearance of "non-shields," there are still shield readings in the dialogue. Indeed, in Nemesis, the Enterprise appears to have skin-tight shields as well (just with more graphics and blue splash). Important to note that shields aren't the end-all defense, either. Hull breaches have been shown despite shields being up in some occasions.

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