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Re: Eureka - "I Do Over" (spoilers)

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Nah... Stark could have cheated on Allison, or yelled at Kevin. Plenty of ways to break up the relationship.
Except both of those actions would be completely out of character for Stark. A noble death is not.

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propita wrote: View Post
Well, it obviously ties in with the A-bomb tests footage from 1936(?) and the discovery of underground "chambers."

So, what's down there? Or is it who's down there?
Right, I figured it was connected to the A-bomb tests footage (hence my reference to power and weapons). I'm guessing there's some special kind of special bomb buried deep underground and she's trying to figure how to properly access it without 1) Alerting anyone and 2) Killing herself.
I don't believe they ever mentioned what happened to The Artifact after they separated its field from Kevin last season, did they?

It was buried on Earth for hundreds of millions of years, and they never specified precisely where it was found. Maybe they built Eureka where they did specifically because they found The Artifact near there accidentally while doing the A-Bomb tests, and it was in the underground chambers Eva is studying. It would explain the weird radiation signals Henry picked up, and it might have "evolved" somehow after connecting with Kevin and thus may be unrecognizable to Henry and the others, but Eva knows what it is, and is possibly a member of The Consortium and a replacement for Beverly, albeit with more power.

Also, that Dr. Carlson guy once told Stark that "he would someday know what The Artifact had revealed to him" and now Stark has had a very scifi "death" so he might be experiencing that version of enlightenment or "heaven" within The Artifact right now.
Hmmm...interesting points there. You might be onto something there.
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