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Re: Visual Proof a Resdesign is a good thing

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Well, I think that ST-One's comment was intended to say "well, yeah, but that also looks like shit in my opinion." He's being universally negative about anything being said.
Well, it does look like shit, as do many of these FASA-designs I have seen (the big exeption being the Loknar).

BTW: 'Being negative about anything being said' is, in your little world, disagreeing with you. I've seen it time and again in TrekArt-forum. So...
You're really, really trying to goad me into responding to your perpetual "personal attacks" in here, aren't you?

Every single post you've made here has included some form of personal attack on me. It's really tiresome. I've noticed a VERY OBVIOUS lack of response from the moderator in here as well.

Yet, I'm sure that if I were to respond with a "fuck off" type comment, I'd get an immediate warning, wouldn't I?

MODERATOR, why is this the case? Care to comment?
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