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Re: Sony's PSP-3000 on its Way

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Yup. Nintendo recently announced they're about to manufacture the Model 3 DS sometime next year to further extend the life of the DS series before moving onto a proper successor around 2011.
FUCK! I just bought a DS lite a few months ago. Why do they always do this?
I only bought my DS Lite at the start of June but its just fine for me so I won't be upgrading anytime soon.

The rumour has been semi-confirmed by Nintendo bigwigs at the E3 earlier this year but theres no press release to back it up and probably won't be until around November or so.

But from what they've hinted, it won't be anything more than a slightly different structure to the DS, maybe as alittle as making it slightly larger again but with widescreen's or having a new opening mechanism.
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