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Re: Why couldn't they use a transporter to replicate Data?

I imagine it is similar to why Data didn't want to be disassembled by Maddocks, as the essence of his experiences would not be reproduced by replicating the technology.

How this is different to people being replicated, I don't know, but Data used the transporter many times so it shouldn't be any different.

Taking a step back... See that many technologies in Sci-fi would be far more powerful in reality than in how they are used in the programme.

Transporters for instance provide the ability to replicate people. Imagine how humanity would use that if we ever did have them. People would be able to create a 'backup' of themselves in case they died, they could restore themselves from backup. So there is no permanence to death, and people could take more risks in life, and play sports with often fatal outcomes.

In that world, death becomes trivialised, and little more than a penalty box.

Social attitudes would be radically changed.

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