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Michelle Erica Green writes beautiful prose, and I often agree with her opinion...but not this time. I had fond memories of this episode from when I saw it when it originally aired, and subsequent viewings did not disappoint me. The writing is clever and funny, which makes up for some of Michelle's criticisms of the crew reactions, which perhaps are not dynamic or enlightened enough. But you can't blame ship personnel from treading carefully when faced with the captain behaving strangely. After all, unlike us, they are not privy to the fact that it's not the captain; in their eyes he at least appears to be the same man. The concept of this type of episode is that we are supposed to feel more cluey than the crew; we are given all the information, and they are given none.

It's not a great episode, just an entertaining little one, with two parallel mysteries: when are the crew going to figure out that Picard is not Picard, and when is Picard going to figure out why and who is holding him captive? Plus, Patrick Stewart gets heaps of lines and screen time, and that makes the episode a little better than it could have been - after all, he is the best actor in the cast, IMHO.
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