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Re: How Atlantis SHOULD have been..

My pick has always been..

The Pegasus Galaxy just isn't that interesting-as far as the show has depicted...
A Humans only galaxy, with only the Wraith as aliens (I'm not counting the Replicators), made things very bland.

I know the budget has to dictate alot of choices, so to spice things up, I would have added a race of mutated humans, That couldn't be fed on by the Wraith. A massive accident in a solar system causes a cloud of radiation to hit several planets, mutating an overwhelming number. The healthy flee leaving the sick and dying, whose bodies eventually adapt, becoming unpalatable to Wraith. Spurned by 'normals', they take no action to combat the Wraith and thus are left alone...

An alien race from anothet galaxy that newly settles in Pegasus, just as our Earth heroes are doing.

Pegasus humans who found Ancient tech decades ago, that aren't dumb or evil, and the tech doesn't go boom at the end of the episode.
Have spacesuit...will travel.
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