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Re: Pegg On 'Star Trek XI' and Chris Doohan

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Waiting a bit longer for Star Trek XI will make the anticipation greater, says the new Scotty, Simon Pegg
As reported by Ain't It Cool News, it was a smart move by J.J. Abrams in not bringing any Star Trek XI to Comic-Con recently. "I think J.J. was sensible to not just come here with nothing to show the fans," said Pegg. I think there was a consensus that, yes, Star Trek was going to be here this year. And J.J. made a point of not shortchanging anybody by just bringing in something that wasn't finished or doing another 'Here's the cast' kind of thing."
The delay will just make fans keener to see the finished product, according to Pegg. "I think it's just going to serve to make the anticipation greater," he said. "When he finally is ready to show something...I mean, I've seen a little bit and I was screaming. I had my hand over my mouth 'Oh my God!' It's so good. I just think it's going to be huge."
Nice of Simon to give props to his boss and all. But... umm... wasn't there a story on here not all that long ago that Abrams was complaining that Paramount didn't have anything for Comic-Con?

So, is this simply Simon being out of the loop, or is Abrams trying employ a little... "I meant to do that" revisionism.
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