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How Atlantis SHOULD have been..

Now that Atlantis is wrapping up, we can look back and see, well a few things.

One of the most obvious -- the "mistakes" they made, and how they could have been fixed.

Mine would be Lt. Ford. From the first episode, it seemed like he was pretty well experienced with the Stargate. He had no qualms about literally diving into the wormhole.

He also, allegedly, had some math skills. (or was that Sheppard)

Sheppard, meanwhile, seems to have JUST been pulled into the Stargate program.

I thought it would have been nice if Ford had spent season 1 teaching his CO, being a "mentor" to his superior officer, at least as far as life as in Officer in the Stargate program.

The tension would be this superior knowledge but in an "inferior role".

Ford's "weakness" could be a little lacking of social skills...he could have been someone who went straight from cadet to little contact with the "real" world.

Ford could have then been phased out (if desired) to the CO of his own unit, or back at Stargate Command.

I guess it'd be like Teal'c his G'ould knowledge, but a little more logical (i.e. why so much trust placed in a Jaffa early on)?
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