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If You Were Maquis...

...would you have willingly gone along with Captain Janeway after "Caretaker"? Think about it from their point of view. As a Maquis you don't particularly care for the Federation. After all they may have given your home world away to the Cardassians. Then you're forced to become a provisional member of a Starfleet crew after Janeway destroys your only way home.

I don't think I would have gone so far as to sabotage the ship, or mutiny. That would be dumb since I still have to live on Voyager and the Maquis are outnumbered. However, I can't see myself just toeing the party line either.

I'd have probably been in Tuvok's remedial class for sure.
Satan Alien: "You're in a dangerous profession Captain. You face death everyday. There will be another time, and I'll be waiting. Eventually you're coming to my matrix and you will nourish me for a long long time."
Janeway: "Go back to Hell. Coward."
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