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Re: Telepathic Combinations - Vulcan/Betazoid hybrid?

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Good points.

Are Romulans capable of Touch-Telepathy?

I know they were interbreeding with Remans who had some mental powers... (or did the Remans derive their abilities from mixing with Romulans?) either way has this ever been addressed on-screen or in the literature?

While we're on the subject, how are Romulans different from Vulcans? Do they have the abilities of Vulcans for example and do they have something similar to Pon Far?

Sorry, to go somewhat off topic, but this line of thought has lead me to several questions I never really knew the answers to.
According to the books, the Romulans lost their ancestral telepathic abilties, though I suspect with training it could come back. There's no evidence of Romulans undergoing Pon Farr, so it might have been lost during the transit from Vulcan to ch'Rihan (Romulus).
About the Pon Farr issue...I've always wondered if the Romulans deliberately tinkered with their genome to eliminate it. They could've also ended up affecting the usual height and build of the Romulan race as well (shorter stature, more body fat is a good thing if you're going to be on a colder, wetter planet).
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