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Re: Visual Proof a Resdesign is a good thing

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What the idiots in STV and TNG era did, writers, in universe engineering fools, or what not is not my concern. Anyone who can control gravity like the Star Trek folks can, are not going to build a lift shaft with gravity.
In-universe continuity disagrees with you.
I mean, your idea would be the intelligent one, but we have seen that the shafts have gravity, and that is how it is - untill other writers contradict it.
Didn't Redjack put the lift in free-fall? That seems to support the idea that he shaft has gravity or rather, that the entire ship has a gravity field that works as if the ship were a skyscraper on earth. So while it makes sense for the shaft not to have greavity, it behooves us to remember the original creators had neither the time nor inclination to think things through as obsessively as we do.
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