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Re: The Official Welcome Thread

Re: The official welcome thread
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Hi y'all. TroubledTribble here. I'm "very old" to Trek, but new to TrekBBS. I've read this board off and on for eight or so years, Finally decided to start posting.

I've watched all of the incarnations starting with reruns of TOS in the early '70's. I liked TOS, TNG, Voy, couldn't get into DS9, probably because I like the ships so much. Loved Enterprise, especially after Manny Coto took over. Could not believe they ended it just when someone was finally going to start filling in the blanks.

I'm and "old salt" with lots of Navy experience and I'm an adventurer at heart. Look forward to the new movie and can't wait to see where it takes us. This looks to be a great new adventure!!!!!

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