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Re: Kevin Smith Hints that Trek-XI is "Phenomenal"

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Smith says the same things that are said here and in the Talk Backs, but like I said, he gets to do it on the radio where websites pick it up and report it as news.

Why do you suppose he "gets to do it" in public forums where he has an audience?

Well...see, people are interested in the informed opinions of people whose accomplishments have brought them public notice (I'm not interested in whether you like his films or not; notably, his lifestyle and celebrity - such as it is - are not based on him chasing after an audience and paying them to acknowledge him, but on people paying for the privilege of watching his films. Their opinions of Smith therefore matter).

More than that, people are interested in the experiences of such people.

Now there's a reason that today Smith has "exposure" for his opinion of the next Trek film, and you and I are just posting our opinions without anyone giving a damn.

Can you guess what that is?

Well...he's seen the film, and you and I haven't. Duh.

Wonder how he got to see the film? Guess he won some kind of fan lottery, huh?

Or maybe he did something that's created such opportunities for him.

One more time: his opinion of the Trek movie is interesting to more people than yours or mine because unlike us he knows what he's talking about and we're just guessing and reading tea leaves. He's not sharing his opinion for the fun of trying to show off that he has one; he's sharing his experience.
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