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Re: Visual Proof a Resdesign is a good thing

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FASA's Nelson-class scout has the two dorsal arrangement you're describing.
Okay, another Contra-argument...
Not presented as such, merely to illustrate that the concept has been around for a number of years.
Well, I think that ST-One's comment was intended to say "well, yeah, but that also looks like shit in my opinion." He's being universally negative about anything being said. Yet, it's not due to him not wanting to see the design rethought in any way. So it must be due to either (1) ANYONE else but him suggesting "rethinking" ideas, or (2) specific people who he's got personal issues with. Not sure which... but I've never seen anyone be so unversally negative.

Now, to YOUR point... the FASA design wasn't really the same thing, although it looks similar. Why? Because the two slanted bits in that ship are engine supports... probably full of mechanical hardware and "wiring" (whether that's copper wire or "plasma conduits") and so on, but not intended for regular "people-moving" purposes. At most, it probably would have a few of those slanted Jefferies tubes like we saw Scotty crawling up into throughout the original series. It DOES have the advantage of the "rigid triangle" shape, though... so from that standpoint, the comparison makes sense.
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