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Re: Eureka - "I Do Over" (spoilers)

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Lost in the Stark stuff was Eva's actions. We know she was surveying that area, but Henry said there was a pocket of radiation. I think. What is she up to? Is she evil or just a capitalist trying to make a buck?
I've been wondering about that as well. I don't think it's about money, rather it's about power. She's trying to unearth a powerful weapon (or research and resources leading to such a weapon).
Well, it obviously ties in with the A-bomb tests footage from 1936(?) and the discovery of underground "chambers."

So, what's down there? Or is it who's down there?
Right, I figured it was connected to the A-bomb tests footage (hence my reference to power and weapons). I'm guessing there's some special kind of special bomb buried deep underground and she's trying to figure how to properly access it without 1) Alerting anyone and 2) Killing herself.
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