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Re: Instead of being cancelled why wasn't ENT moved to SciFi?

Because doing a quality job on ENT would be too pricey for Skiffy and Paramount would be idiots to denigrate what is, after all, still a valuable brand name by doing a hack job of it.

It's much more intelligent to do what they are doing now: re-invigorate the brand with the strategy most likely to work - fresh writing/production team, going back to the elements that the public knows (Kirk, Spock, Enterprise) - and throw boatloads of money behind it.

If Abrams hadn't come along, Star Trek would have been revived anyway sooner or later. The big thing in Hollywood is brands, brands, brands, sequels, sequels, sequels. That's all they care about anymore. And most of the brands that can be turned into profitable sequels are either coming from comic books or old TV shows. If they'll bring back Get Smart, of course they'll bring back Star Trek.

And I doubt the Star Trek fanbase is any bigger an issue to Paramount than the Get Smart fanbase was. I'll bet there were dyed-in-the-wool Get Smart fans who thought recasting the role with that guy from The Office was the biggest abomination in human history.

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