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Re: Telepathic Combinations - Vulcan/Betazoid hybrid?

That claim has been made about pon farr -- that it's "the price they pay for being so controlled the rest of the time" -- but that doesn't make a lot of sense in biological terms. It's more likely that the conditions and biochemistry on Romulus altered the colonists' hormones. Indeed, such potential might already exist in Vulcan genetics. Infrequent procreation is a credible adaptation to the austere conditions of a desert climate, but it's possible that the Vulcans' ancestors only adapted it as their planet grew more arid. Once in a more lush environment, the ancestral reproductive cycle might have reasserted itself. Although that would suggest that Vulcans should've lost pon farr simply from developing civilization, food surplus, and climate control, or at least that Vulcans raised on other worlds like Earth would develop without it.
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