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Re: Visual Proof a Resdesign is a good thing

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In the context of Trek: In 'Enterprise' we have seen that in some places of the ship the gravity is first nullified and then reversed.
But since that transition is very noticable it wouldn't be very practical to have the gravity change within the turbolift-shaft in that angled dorsal....
Gravity in the Turbolift-shaft? If you're smart you keep the shaft DEVOID of gravity. That way you don't have to fight gravity with the lift propulsion itself. You also don't have to fear the lift falling down and killing everyone inside (or in the shaft) should something bad happen the lifts propulsion and anchors. You put the gravity IN the lift (cabin) ITSELF. That way it doesn't matter one bit how the lift changes position or angle as it zips about, to the people inside, up remains up, and down remains down. Indeed, it would also help putting any inertial dampers inside the lift, so it can zip around as fast or slow as possible without the people inside being reduced to meat patties.
That was my point... it's SILLY to have gravity done put into place in locations where it's HARMFUL. That's sort of like... well, does anyone here remember the Steve Martin's "Cruel Shoes?" Why would you spend a lot of energy and effort to create something that just causes you more difficulties?

Of course, both TNG and ST-V gave us turboshafts with gravity. But remember, I am NOT TALKING ABOUT CHANGING THINGS NOW. All I'm talking about is what I would have done had I been there in 1964/65 alongside MJ.

It was a bad decision for the TV show and the movie to do that... but it's done. We now know that "lift shafts have gravity" (for whatever bizarre reason) in the post-TOS world. Realize that there's no FUNCTIONAL reason that has to be the case (as Dennis correctly points out, all artificial gravity is, is "magic" and it can, and has, been portrayed very differently depending on the needs of any particular story).
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